Sunday, August 14, 2016

Author Spotlight: Love Under Two Loners - Cara Covington


Iris Gibbs comes to Lusty to visit her best friend, and discovers why she’s never felt at home in her own skin. Then Tamara thrusts her toward two Kendalls who are Doms. Rich and Donny know Iris is the perfect little subbie for them. It’s just a matter of getting her to say, “yes, Sir!”

Iris thinks some of the things she’s read about are definitely not for her—and then she goes with Rich
and Donny to the Lyon’s Den, a private club where practically anything goes. Instead of being repulsed by what she sees, she’s intrigued.

The men know Iris has a few issues to work through before she’s ready to trust them completely. They take small steps to that end, encouraged when Iris not only begins to share her inner-most insecurities, but her trust. And then Rich stumbles onto a sex-slave ring, and time for their happy ending might just be running out.



“Are we ready, then?” Morgan came into the kitchen with Hunter cradled in one arm against his chest, his car seat in his other hand. Henry was right behind him with Cathy and her seat.
One of the reasons Iris had accepted Tam’s invitation to come and stay for a few weeks was to help her friend with those adorable newborn twins. But Tam hadn’t really needed her for that. She had never seen two men so devoted to being dads. In fact, the two of them pretty much embodied everything she’d imagined her own father had been.
“We are, now that I’ve finally convinced Iris that her presence at the party would be welcome.”
“Not just welcome, but necessary,” Henry said.
“If you stayed back,” Morgan said, “then Mother would blame us for having said something to offend you.” The man actually had the acting ability to shiver, backing that statement up.
Or maybe it wasn’t acting. Iris had already observed that not only did Samantha’s husbands and sons adore her, they honestly respected her and even feared her a little, too. Pleasing her was apparently one of their top priorities.
It actually took more time to get the babies in their car seats and the seats into the vehicle than it took to drive to Lusty Appetites.
“The Town Trust hosts parties here at Kelsey’s all the time,” Tam said. “We have engagement parties, welcome parties for babies, and, in this case, a welcome party for two cousins who’ve relocated from New York.”
“So, they’ve never actually lived here in Lusty before?”
“No. Rich and Donny are brothers, sons of one of the dad’s half-brothers.” Henry took a moment to make sure that Cathy was covered sufficiently with her light blanket. The little girl, just three months old, looked up at her daddy with what Iris thought were adoring eyes. “Two of their cousins arrived last year, and are settled in here. Now all three of the dad’s triplet half-brothers have sons living in Lusty.”
“Wait. Your dads, who are triplets, have triplet half-brothers?”
“Before our grandfathers met and fell in love with Grandmother Miranda,” Morgan said, “they were in Virginia, both of them commissioned naval officers. This was during the time leading up to the second World War. There, they met and fell in love with a woman from New York named Judith Merrick. At the end of the summer, Judith returned home. Our grandfathers tried to get in touch with her, but their letters were returned—it was clear she’d considered their interlude together only that, an interlude.”
“And she never told them she was pregnant?”
“No, not until her sons were grown, and she discovered she was dying. She wrote a letter to our grandfathers, to be delivered after her passing. That was actually the same year that our mother took a wrong turn that turned out to be a right turn and ended up here in Lusty.” Henry said. “Eventually Judith’s sons came here to meet their fathers—and their half-brothers. We’ve been family ever since.”
“What an incredible story. How did your grandmother Miranda feel about that?”
“Grandmother Miranda welcomed them,” Morgan said. “She told them she knew she’d never replace their mother, but that she was there for them if they ever needed her. Our uncles took the name Kendall—which they each bore as a middle name—as their surnames. They’d never liked their adoptive step-father, who’d turned out to be a criminal. All this happened before we were born, of course. We simply grew up with cousins who didn’t live in Lusty.”
Iris thought she’d known everything there was to know about this small Texas town with the unusual and yet appropriate name. She’d been through the museum twice, fascinated both times by the vivid saga told there. Clearly there was much more to learn about this fascinating family.
The restaurant was crowded, but people weren’t just sitting at the tables. They were mingling, talking, and laughing. Music played, and above a large buffet service, a sign read “Welcome home, Rich and Donny!”
“Come on, since you haven’t met them yet, I’ll introduce you.”
Iris didn’t get a chance to demur. Tam just grabbed her hand and plunged them both into the crowd. Iris followed in her wake, not the least bit surprised that the throng parted for her diminutive friend. Then the dynamo came to a sudden stop, and Iris nearly plowed into her from behind. The next thing she knew, Tam spun them around so that Iris was in front, with Tam’s very strong hands on her shoulders.
“I’ve got just the woman for you! Rich, Donny, this is my best friend, Iris Gibbs. Iris, meet two Doctors Kendall. Rich has a PhD in literature, and he’s a teacher.” Tamara pointed to a man with reddish-blond hair and blue eyes. The slight beard made him look scholarly. Then she pointed to the other man who didn’t look much like his brother at all. He had dark hair that maybe could have used a trim, and eyes a slightly lighter shade of blue than Rich’s were. Iris blinked, wondering what the odds were that they all three of them should have blue eyes. Then Tam’s words pulled her back to the moment.  “Donny’s degree is in Veterinary medicine. He’s opening a clinic right here in Lusty and needs a certified veterinary assistant. Donny, Iris worked for nearly ten years for Doc Murdock over San Marcos way, before he retired. That was a couple of months ago, and Iris has been looking for a new job ever since.”
Iris just managed to snap her mouth closed so she didn’t look like a fish sucking in plankton. Tamara had spoken each word as if there’d been a timer on her and she needed to get it all said fast. That part wasn’t unusual, as she’d heard her friend do that before.
What had her gaping wasn’t even the fact that here before her stood a Veterinarian in need of an assistant. No, what had her in shock was the fact that the two men standing before her looked like Greek gods.  Tall, handsome, virile Adonis’s who should have a goddess each on their arms. Or, since this was Lusty, and least one beautiful buxom goddess between them.
I really wish Tamara had let me know I was going to be facing a possible employer. True, Iris didn’t do fancy dress or tons of makeup, and beautifully buxom would never be a phrase used to describe her. But still.
Tamara drew in a deep breath. “If you ask me, this is a match made in heaven!”

“Or at least one made in Lusty.”

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