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Review: Homeward Bound - Golden Czermak


The entire world is on the brink of finding out that nightmares are real. 

An army of demons known as the Noctis is growing in strength. They control all manner of foul beasts and if not stopped soon, cities will burn, lives will end, and hope will be lost. 

The only thing standing in the way are the Journeymen; humans and supernatural beings united against the darkness.

There is one known amongst men and the supernatural alike that you don't f**k with; unless it's on his terms. 

His name is Gage Crosse and he's the best damn Journeyman around. 

These are his adventures. 

Author Note: The book is not a standalone; the series is written with one overarching plot; each book is like an episode of a TV miniseries. Seal of Solomon, Journeyman #2, releasing August 29th.

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When Homeward Bound first came out, The Pervy Ladies Book Blog was just starting and it was one of the first release blitzes we did.  I was immediately drawn in to the blurb but with the fervor of the blog starting and a broken down car, I wasn’t able to get the book.  I was bummed.  So I was super excited to be able to read it this week.  Now, I will confess, I love paranormal books but I sometimes feel let down by the paranormal romance (PNR) genre.  And yes, there is a difference.  A lot of PNR tends to focus strictly on the romance part of the storyline and leaves out a lot of juicy tidbits about the paranormal action.  Homeward Bound was the perfect blend of the two, the right amount of action and the perfect amount of spicy romance.

Immediately I got drawn into Gage Crosse’s world with the descriptions that were given, I could almost see, smell and touch it.  It was in vivid colors in my imagination.  This didn’t change as the story unfolded.  It was action packed, moving quickly through the story so you’re on the edge of your seat without feeling rushed.  My fingernails are bit down to nubs and my heart was pounding at times.  The love story progresses naturally if a little out of the blue, I wish we had a little more back story about how Gage, Adrienne and Joey got together but perhaps that’ll come in one of the future books.  There was a lot of playful banter between the three that showed their closeness.  Gage is one yummy hunk of alpha goodness and Adrienne is a certified badass woman.

I absolutely loved this book and I cannot wait for the next one to come out.  Luckily it’s just a few more weeks and I don’t have to wait long!  This will be one that I’ll be adding to my list of paranormal recommendations.  It definitely surpassed my expectations and is a book any diehard paranormal fan should read.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J

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About the Author
Golden Czermak began as an internationally published modeling/fitness photographer and eventually began working as a book cover model as well.

Having been in the industry for at least four years, he has interfaced and networked with countless authors and other clients. As part of his work as a photographer, he worked with them to create book cover images - now numbering well over 250.

Learning the ins and out of the book world, along with being an avid reader and storyteller himself, Golden finally decided to write and publish his first book, Homeward Bound, in 2016.

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