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Blog Tour: Stirred - Sylvie Fox


  We’re today’s stop on Sylvie Fox’s STIRRED blog tour!! Check out this fantastic contemporary romance and be sure to grab your copy today!!


  About Stirred: 

 Warning: One kiss can lead to another...   

 Quirky cartoonist, Zoe Andreis puts her life on hold, flying back to the States to care for her ailing father. Spending her post-college years gallivanting all over Europe while capturing her adventures in comic form, Zoe grapples with the notion of being shackled to one city.   

When she encounters Max Kiss, Zoe's true adventures begin. Although Max would love to branch out and take carefree and crazy chances of his own, he too is tied to LA, tending to his aging father. Stirred by Zoe's zest for life, Max longs for a future full of love and spontaneity.   

 While they struggle to find balance between caring for their parents and living a life of their own, Zoe and Max form a strong and sensual bond. When tough challenges surface, Zoe and Max search for a way to have the life they want without feeling the burden of guilt. Can they find of balance of duty and excitement while building a future together? 

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When I first saw the blurb and cover of Stirred, I was expecting a poignant story of two people bonding over their aging fathers.  I didn’t get that exactly.  I did enjoy the novel, it was just more cute and flirty then I was expecting.  I loved the addition of the comics; I thought they added a fun element to the story. 

Zoe is independent and spunky but she loves her father.   I loved that she came home to fight for his health.  It hit a little close to home since a pulmonary embolism is what caused my stepdad’s death.  I could sympathize with Max on that one.  Max was charming and sweet.  And maybe a tad too soft for my tastes—I like my sweet tempered with a side of alpha.  I felt like he let Zoe walk all over him.  I loved the secondary story of Dominic and Bridget; I thought it was adorable watching them flirt with each other.  I didn’t understand all the side characters but that could be because I’m just now jumping into the series.

Overall, it’s a solid and well written story.  A bit quirky and while it may not end up on my top 10 for the year or my re-read list, I did enjoy it.  If you like quirky, sweet romances then this one might be for you.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J


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  About Sylvie Fox:


 Sylvie Fox is the author of smart women’s fiction. Her compelling stories are boldly told, designed to keep readers turning the pages. Whether you’re reading romantic women’s fiction or legal thrillers, written as Aime Austin, she wants you to enjoy the heroine’s journey. She splits her time between Los Angeles and Budapest, where she enjoys yoga, knitting, farm-to-table cooking, and life with her husband and son. When she’s not writing, her nose is stuck in a book. 


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