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Blog Tour: When We Become One - Rae Daniel


Today we have the blog tour for Rae Daniel’s When We Become One! Check out this sexy new contemporary romance and grab your copy today!


About When We Become One: 

Marisa finally has her college degree in hand, after four long years, but what exactly can she do with a Geography degree? After accepting a position with one of the country’s most powerful government contracting firms, Marisa’s career starts to take off. Her love life, however, takes a drastic turn for the worse. When a ridiculously hot and insanely smart mystery man steps in, he’s determined to protect her at all costs, including from herself (she swears that dang mace gun went off all on its own, right in her face!). Can the gaps between their personal and professional lives get a whole lot smaller and steamier? Hell yes!

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“Ris? What in the world do you have going on here?”
“Hey, David.”
Waiting for her to explain why she’s camped out on the floor, I sit down on the closest couch and wait. I then wait some more. A good two or three minutes go by and nothing.
So, I guess she doesn’t want to talk about it.
“Ris? Are you okay?”
“What? Oh! Sorry, I forgot you were there.”
“You forgot I was here? Ris. Whatever you’re working on needs to be set to the side. You need to take a break. It’s past seven. I was just going to go grab something from the sub shop across the street. Wanna join me?”
“It’s past seven? Damn it!”
I watch in amusement as she scrambles over her paperwork, digging into her laptop bag. As she continues to search for something, papers fall out of her bag followed by what looks to be a sock, a jacket, pens, and several highlighters. When I’m sure nothing else could come out, a smushed up granola bar and a banana that’s seen better days clunks to the ground beside her knees.
“Need some help?”
“Found it!” She victoriously holds her phone up in the air as she does a fist pump with her other hand, making me laugh a little bit.
Rocking back onto her feet, she stays in her crouched down position as she calls someone on her phone. Within a few rings, she starts to speak in a rapid-fire rate.
“Hey. I’m so sorry! I totally lost track of time. Can we get together tomorrow night? Trent called. Yeah, I know. I don’t know how he found my number. Look, I gotta go. I’ll stop by tomorrow. Yes, I’m fine. I swear.”
Who the fuck is Trent?
During my confusion, she starts furiously jamming all of her stuff into her laptop bag.
“Anything I can do to help?”
“Ha! Do you know a good PI?”
Staring her straight in the eye, I cock my head to the side in a confusing gesture. This girl is bouncing all over the place, and it’s making me seriously worried about her.
“A Private Investigator? What do you need one of those for?”
“Ugh, it’s a long story. Buy me some food, and I might tell you all the sordid details. Maybe.”
As I help her pick up the rest of her stuff, something dawns on me.
“Did you just say you haven’t eaten all day?”
“Alrighty then, change of plans. No sandwhich for you. I’m taking you to the Italian restaurant down the block. They will make up for any calories you missed today.”
“Oh no, I couldn’t. It’ll take way too long. I’ve got so much to do.”
“We all do, Ris. But you’re shaking. You need something more than a sandwich. Let's go.”
“Fine. You have one hour, and I’m ordering garlic knots. If they’re a decent place, they will have six to a serving. You get exactly one. No more.”
            Turning away from me, she’s on the move again, leaving me to catch up. Something gives me the feeling I’m going to be left to catch up to Ris many times over.


    About Rae Daniel:


Thanks for visiting my site! I’m the one who would rather be reading or writing than doing basically anything else like sleeping, eating, drinking…well, I can drink at the same time actually. I’m a multi-tasker. Boxed wine actually…because I’m a classy b!tc4 like that. The only things that tear me away from writing and reading are my kids, the hubby, and my day job, but I have to say that about work so I don’t get fired. They don’t know that I read or write while I wait in between meetings, during meetings, on lunch breaks, in the restroom (Okay no, not then, that’s just gross). Basically anywhere I can. 

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