Saturday, November 5, 2016

Release Blitz: Forfeiting Decency - Rachel Schneider

Title: Forfeiting Decency
Series: Breaking Habits Series
Author: Rachel Schneider
Genre: New Adult/Suspense Standalone
Release Date: November 4, 2016

“Sleeping with married men doesn’t bother me as much as not having a place to live does.”
Kaley Monroe lived a life of privilege until her father went to prison four years ago and all of her family’s assets were seized by the federal government. Fending for herself, she relied on what comes naturally to her—her beauty. Having sex for money isn’t glamorous or ideal, but it’s manageable. She doesn’t expect life to show her any mercy, and she won't live in ignorance. 
It’s not until Kip Foster is released from prison that her life starts to feel complicated. Somehow, Kip unearths desires in Kaley that she never knew she had. A desire to be more, to feel more, be loved more. However, lies by omission are the most dangerous secrets, and they refuse to remain hidden. 
Sometimes, easy isn't always a choice.

While I love sweet happily ever afters with little to no drama, there’s something gripping about a story that’s real, raw and gritty.  And that’s what you get with Forfeiting Decency.  This isn’t some fluffy sweet romance.   It made me feel so much—want, passion, frustration, anxiety and anger.  It is breathtakingly beautiful in all its complexities.  I was immersed fully into Schneider’s world.  And I didn’t put it down until the last page was read.

Kaley was independent, fierce and a whole lot broken.  I don’t think she even realized how broken she was until Kip came back into her life.  There’s something vulnerable about her.  But she’s not a character that’s easy to like.  She has a lot of flaws and makes a lot of mistakes.  Eventually she won me over but it was a hard won battle.  Kip…Kip is all that is good and decent in a man.  Yeah he’s made mistakes but sometimes good people do bad things.  He’s hard working, tender and a natural caregiver.  He’s a dream boyfriend.  The character development was out of this world.  These two are complex characters with real flaws, problems and dreams.  It makes it easy to relate to them.  We also get a glimpse of the rest of the characters from book one.

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep anyone excited and hooked on this book.  Add in some passionate love scenes with desperate need, characters that make you just want to hug them and tell them it’ll be ok, and plenty of feels.  This is a recipe for an incredibly brilliant story.  I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails.  I cannot wait to see what Schneider does next.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J

I snicker as I descend the steps. Prison has done Kip well. He used to keep his hair long, tied back when he worked under cars. Now it’s short, cropped close to his skull, and it does nothing but enhance his features. It no longer distracts from the stark color of blue in his eyes or the slight hollow of his cheeks. And those muscles. 

                Oh my god.
                I just saw Kip’s dick.
                And it was glorious. 
                As I wait in the kitchen, I scope out the fridge, deducing that Lilly and Justin eat like pigs. There are three different take-out boxes, a surplus of soft drinks, and a full block of cheese. I settle for a glass of water. 
                Kip’s feet pound down the stairs and I can hear his annoyance in every step. “Enjoy the show?” he greets me.
                “I see prison only added to your deep need to be super surly all the time. But yes, I enjoyed the show. How come you never mentioned how well endowed—” 
                “Kaley,” he interupts, gripping the bridge of his nose.
                “There’s nothing to ashamed of. Most men would be ecstatic to be so…” I take a moment to hold my hands up, exaggerating by a foot or so. 
                “I swear to god, if you mention this to Lilly…” He trails off.
                “You’ll what?”
                He breathes out, turning away as he opens the fridge. “Jesus Christ, do they eat any real food in this house?”

Rachel Schneider is from a small town in South Louisiana. When she's not replying sarcastically to her husband or trying to sneak in cuddles with her daughter, she's writing about life, love, and things unexpected. But let's be real...she's probably on Facebook. Her debut novel, Taking Mine, is currently available on Amazon, and her second novel, Forfeiting Decency, releases November 4, 2016.


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