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Review Tour: Acquired Asset - Z. N. Willett

Title: Acquired Asset
Author: Z.N. Willett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 6, 2016

On Sale for $1.99 Release Week ONLY

In the business world, Christopher Colby is a force to be reckoned with—admired by many, he's an intelligent, confident, smooth-talking COO who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

To Quinn Cordell, Christopher is a demon reincarnated—a sexy, self-centered, cocky bastard who is trying his damnedest to take over her family's company.

Normally, Quinn handles men like that very well—with precision and tactics of her own.

Quinn understands Christopher's type.

But what Quinn doesn't understand is, why she allowed Christopher to grope her in a supply closet?

“Right away, the story grabbed my attention and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.” - Reader Review
“I loved this book, Quinn and Christopher matched each other perfectly.” - Goodreads Reviewer

“Is this your first time?” He tilted his head curiously. “I think this is a mistake . . .” He peered at me for a moment, grinned a bit slyly, and walked straight up to me. “I’m already late. Whatever he offered, I will double it. That should wipe out any doubts in that beautiful head of yours.” His eyes then strayed over my body, hovering at my chest, before locking with mine. “That dress is too long. The gift shop downstairs should have a shorter one for you to wear.” “What’s wrong with my dress?” The floor-length, strapless, black dress had just come off a renowned Milan runway. I was of average height at 5’5,” and it was made for taller women, although it had been altered to fit me perfectly. It gave my slim physique some curves, and my back looked amazing with my chestnut hair piled high on my head. How dare he insult me! The man then circled around, stopping behind me; I could feel the warmth of his body on my naked back as he whispered into my ear. “It’s not easy access for a fu—” “Excuse you!” I stressed, slack-jawed and a little turned on. He almost rendered me speechless. I stared ahead, watching his reflection in the window, as I felt the hairs on my neck stand up. The back of his hand drifted down my arm as he continued to speak. “I need you wet at all times tonight. You are to be willing at any moment—whether it’s in the bathroom, against a wall, on the kitchen counter, or along the pool deck.” His eyes flicked straight ahead, meeting mine in the reflection. “Or maybe up against a window.” I inhaled a shaky breath when he whispered those last words. I looked away from his intense glare, and before I could say another word, he was gone. He strode out of the room yelling that he would see me downstairs and closed the door behind him.

Christopher Colby is first and foremost a businessman. Secondly, he is a sexy and rich bachelor. Always having a different girl on his arm, he wants for nothing and does not like the word now. 
Quinn Cordell is a tough as nails business woman who works for her dad’s company. She is sassy and as head strong as they come. When Colby’s family tries to take over Cordell’s father’s business things get intense. The companies settled on a merger and now the race is on for a CEO. No one thought that there may be a little more than just business dealings going on. 

This is my first book by Z. N. Willett and let’s just say I am pleasantly surprised. Most of the time whenever I read a book and a lot of the inner workings of the book are about things I have no clue about I get bored, but that wasn’t the case with Acquired Asset. I was intrigued about the tough woman that was Quinn. Watching her take on a huge company and handle a field that is mostly made up of men struck some serious girl power in my soul! Then you throw in the sexual tension between Quinn and Colby, you have got yourself a seriously good book here! - Daddy L

On Sale for $1.99 Release Week ONLY

Z.N. Willett is the girl who has seen more than she has ever wanted; yet decided to add to that world by writing Hollywood romances. A northern girl, but a southerner at heart, loving anything and everything about love and romance. So much that once upon a time she had a career as a wedding and events coordinator. When Z.N. decided to do something she was passionate about, she added her love for travel to the mix. An avid shoeaholic, deep down she's a sappy romantic who happens to believe that love can truly conquer all.

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