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Blog Tour: His to Seduce - Stacey Lynn

His to Seduce 
by Stacey Lynn  
Publication Date: March 21st, 2017 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: Loveswept



An honorable man who’s lost his way . . . A career woman who hides behind her button-up suits . . . Unexpected romance is the specialty at the Fireside Grill as Stacey Lynn’s captivating series comes full circle.

Becoming an ER doctor had been David McGregor’s mission ever since he could remember. But after tragedy strikes at his hospital in Chicago, David runs away from the guilt—all the way back to Latham Hills, Michigan, where he takes a job tending bar at his childhood friend’s restaurant. That’s how he meets Camden Reed, and the way Camden refuses to give him the time of day should be a turnoff. Instead, he’s drawn to her tough, tightly wound exterior, and soon David realizes that he has a new mission: to see her tightly wound beneath him. 

Camden’s fighting tooth and nail to resist the desire she feels for David. Growing up dirt-poor, raised by a single mother, she worked twice as hard to get where she is today, and she doesn’t have any patience for the kind of guy who’d give up a decent paycheck to sling drinks. But when the sexual tension finally combusts between the sheets, Camden discovers that people aren’t always what they seem. As David pushes her past her limits, Camden begins to loosen up—and to trust that, when she falls, there will be someone waiting to catch her.

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Now this is a book that’s just right up my alley.  Stacey Lynn gives us an amazing story full of sweet and tender moments interspersed with smoking hot ones.  This is only my second book of hers I’ve read and I’m quickly becoming a fan.  Right away, David and Camden’s chemistry is in your face.  I swear my glasses were fogging up.  These two have it going on in that sense.  It’s when David wants to take it further that that things start to stall.  Now if you’ve read the previous three books in the series you’ll have a bit of a background on these two.  I’ve only read one so I have a smidge of one.  But it is absolutely not necessary to have read them; this could easily read as a standalone.

Camden is a Type-A, must be always in control, list-making woman.  She rarely let’s her hair down and has definite ideas on who she sees in her future as a partner.  And David is not it.  He’s sexy, carefree and lighthearted.  Plus he’s currently spending time slinging drinks behind his best friend’s bar.  But with both of them images can be deceiving.  These two are beautifully developed characters.  They have well thought-out backstories that fuel the storyline as well as their weaknesses and strengths.  I have to admit, though, that Camden’s standoffishness makes it hard to connect with her and that I felt that of the two I feel like I got to know her the least.  David is what really sold me on the book.  His determination and tenderness with Camden melted my heart.

The drama within is about low to mid angst scale.  I was definitely tearing up at points.  Neither of them have easy stories to swallow.  But Lynn does counter some of the drama and angst with well-placed humor.  I loved David’s family.  I wish we had seen more of the characters from the other books but they were pretty scarce here.  It just makes me want to go back and read their stories even more.

If you like passionate stories that warm the heart, then definitely pick this one up.  David’ll have you melting into goo in no time.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J

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“Please,” I whispered, and leaned into his palm now cupping my cheek. His hands were strong. Long, tanned fingers that had made me think of naughty things like this for months.
In the darkness, I saw a flash of his white teeth. “I like it when you beg. When you need me.”
Tonight’s need was selfish. A moment to forget the loneliness. A moment to take what I’d been too chicken to go after for months even though it was right in front of me.
He’d been right before my eyes, flirting relentlessly and trying to break me down. Tonight, I was tired of fighting the pull I’d felt for him despite how wrong I knew he was for me. This was one night. A moment of wildness I didn’t usually indulge in, but who didn’t enjoy getting laid at a friend’s wedding? It was almost a requirement.
His hands dropped to my knees, spreading them wide so he could step in between them.
His fingers teased my thighs, running up and down my bare flesh until I shivered from the softness of his touch.
My eyes were half-lidded when I forced myself to look at him. I saw only his lust for me, and my heart rioted against my rib cage.
Damn . . . he wanted me. It was as thrilling as it was terrifying.
One of his hands left my leg and cupped the back of my neck. He pulled me to him until our foreheads touched.
“I want this,” he said, his voice thick and gruff. “Tell me you want this.”
“I want it.”
“Tell me you want me.”
I couldn’t. A long time ago I swore to myself I’d never be vulnerable again. I certainly wasn’t about to make that admission when all I currently wanted was a night of pretending and forgetting.

“Camden, I want you to know that when I sink into you, when I push your panties to the side and run my fingers through your wetness, this isn’t a one-time thing for us. This is the beginning.”
I shivered again. From his words, his promise—something I so desperately craved but was too terrified to take hold of.
I shifted my hips, pulling him to me until his erection brushed against my center.
“Tonight.” I gasped as he rubbed against me in the perfect spot. “It’s all I can promise.”
He chuckled, moving his mouth against my cheek, down to my jaw and my throat. “We’ll see about that.”


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About the Author

stacey_author_pic_2015Stacey Lynn currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and four children. When she’s not conquering mountains of laundry and fighting a war against dust bunnies and cracker crumbs, you can find her playing with her children, curled up on the couch with a good book, or on the boat with her family enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful, yet too short, summer.
She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library.

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