Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Release Blitz: Condemned - Hayley Oakes


Condemned is out now!  Check out this beautifully written second chance romance which will have you swooning so hard it's impossible to stand straight!

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For eight years, I’ve lived with the scars left by him.

William Devereux consumed me until I didn’t know where I ended and he began ... I tried to forget but I was forever changed.

And now he’s back.

Gone is the aggressive hothead who hurt me and set my body on fire in equal measure, replaced with a responsible, doting, single father.

I’m trying my best to remain unaffected.

He’s trying his best to make amends.

Sometimes the one thing you shouldn’t want, is the one thing you can’t breathe without.

Buy now - myBook.to/HACondemned


I think I’m going to end up in the minority with this book.  I’ve seen the rave reviews but for me, I just couldn’t fall in love with it.  The story is spellbinding, I appreciated the emotional journey that was presented to me but I struggled with connecting with the characters.  This kept me from fully immersing myself.  At times, it seemed to drag for me.  And now that it’s been a couple days since I read it, I can’t say that the story really stuck with me.  I’m definitely going to have to give this book a re-read and see if there was something I missed the first time around.  

There was definitely drama, both in the flashbacks and in the present.  It definitely has an angsty edge to it.  The characters are actually pretty great, well-written and complex.  I just couldn’t quite connect with them.  It was definitely disappointing because the blurb had drawn me in.

If you like emotional journeys and second chances, this is one to pick up and try.  It didn’t work for me but it definitely works for others.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J

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