Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review: Wilde Heart - Suzanne Halliday

I fucking love second chance romances, there’s something so hopeful about them.  Add in mystery and intrigue then I’m sold.  Wilde Heart has both.  Suzanne Halliday really delivered with this one, I loved it.  Rhiann is a snarky, often foul-mouthed woman after my own heart.  I think I’ll have to steal some of her insults.  They were hilarious and often had me laughing out loud.  And definitely had me smiling.  Liam is a broody, scowling billionaire CEO who turns an adorable mess when confronted with the woman whose heart he broke.  Throw in secrets and corporate sabotage, voilĂ !  You have a recipe for mayhem.  

It didn’t grab my attention and hold it, probably because I was distracted by a two year old tyrant.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining though.  It was.  Wilde Heart is the perfect book for reading poolside this summer sipping on a margarita or whatever floats your boat.  Preferably while someone else watches your kids.  -Buxom J



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