Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Warden - Montana Ash


Ryker is a paladin. An ancient knight, born to protect those precious few who hold powers over the elements. He is bound by honour, courage and loyalty. But when tragedy strikes he forsakes everything he stands for, vowing never to serve again. He opens his home to other rejected and dishonoured knights … but never his heart. That is, until a sarcastic, sword-wielding, miniature Warden barges into his life, bringing chaos and mayhem to his carefully ordered world.

Will he forgive himself for past mistakes? Or will old wounds continue to scar his future? 

Max is different. She has a strange affinity to nature and finds herself constantly causing disasters wherever she goes. What’s more, strange creatures stalk her every step, their relentless pursuit driving her to the brink of exhaustion. Stumbling upon a gaggle of hot ancient knights seems too good to be true but she can’t deny they have the answers she’s looking for. Too bad their Captain is a growly, insensitive jerk who insults her every time he opens his gorgeous mouth.

Should she trust her instincts and allow herself to hope for the first time in her life? Or will her fierce independence cause her to lose the one thing she has always craved? A home.  



Okay, so I have a confession. 

*clears her throat and looks around sheepishly*

I met the author of Warden through the street team of another author quite a while ago and added it to my Goodreads TBR.  But I kept putting it off.  And off.  And off.  I had a case of the “oh look squirrel!” syndrome, the cover didn’t interest me (sorry Montana!).  Yes, this was a case of judging the book by its cover.  Oh put your whips and chains away.  I regret it now and you will too if you let this one slip you by!

Take a feisty, pint-sized woman drop her in the midst of a bunch of warriors including a grumpy, alpha male with a stick up his rear and what do you get?  Warden.  It was an explosion of one-liners and banter that kept me grinning and giggling throughout the book.  Max, the heroine, is my spirit animal.   Alone for most of her life, she’s a survivor and takes no crap from anyone not even a bunch of pretty men and women who have been around the block a time or two.  Ryker is the unofficial leader of the ragtag bunch of warriors Max has stumbled amongst.  He’s got a world of guilt sitting on his shoulders and a stick the size of Everest up his bum.  The two clash and the chemistry sizzles.  The other warriors add doses of humor into the mix while Montana Ash builds an intriguing world of magic.  I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the group gets into next. Peace and Love, Buxom J


He was just walking past the window to grab his clothes when a flash of flesh from below caught his eye. Cali was dressed in her usual tight shorts and sports bra but it wasn’t the sight of the willowy blonde that had him freezing in his tracks. No it was the shorter, curvier red head, dressed in tights and a belly-revealing singlet top. She was bending over, head flush with her knees, arms wrapped her legs with all that glorious hair brushing along the ground. So much for negative reinforcement, he thought as he glared accusingly at his once again rigid dick. The woman’s arse was a thing of beauty, all round and firm, and his hands literally flexed with the need to touch. As if sensing his gaze, Max whipped herself upright, her turquoise gaze latching onto his form that was no doubt outlined perfectly in the early morning light. Hell, the window he was standing at was even arch-shaped, like he was posing for some cheesy romance novel or something. Panicking and acting purely in self-preservation rather than rational thought, he allowed his limbs to go loose and face-planted on the floor below the window.

For the next five minutes he could do no more than mewl like a kitten … he had landed directly on his stiff cock.

Author Bio

Montana is a self-confessed book junkie. Although she loves reading all genres from romance to crime fiction to sci-fi, her not-so-guilty pleasure is paranormal romance. Alpha men, just a little bit damaged, and Alpha women who don't seem to know they need looking after, are a favourite combination of hers. Throw in some steamy sex scenes, a touch of humour, and a little violence and she is in heaven! 

Her overactive (and overindulged) imagination could only take so much before the many voices wanted out. Thus, Montana's journey into the wonderful world of writing.

She is a scientist by day, having grown up in country New South Wales, Australia. Writing about ancient knights, demons and shapeshifters is such a delicious contradiction to her day job in the laboratory, that she doesn't see the voices stopping anytime soon! 

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  1. This is a fantastic book and I would urge anyone to give it a go you won't be disappointed. And, if anything, Paladin the second book in the series is even better.

    1. I'm glad I finally got the chance to read it! It definitely doesn't disappoint at all. I got to read Paladin too, look for my review in a few days!

  2. Thanks for the fab review! So glad you enjoyed it :)