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Blog Tour: O' Gallagher Nights: The Series - Mignon Mykel


O'Gallagher Nights: The Series

by Mignon Mykel 
O'Gallagher Nights, #1-3 
Publication Date: November 30, 2016 
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance



Synopsis: The three O'Gallagher siblings, all in one set. Includes bonus material such as slightly expanded stories & a Christmas novella not otherwise available!

O’Gallaghers has been a long-lasting establishment in San Diego, known for its Irish brews and fare. When the next generation of O’Gallaghers take over though, it becomes known for a little bit more…



I was pretty impressed with the first book I read by Mignon Mykel so I jumped on the chance to read her box set of O’Gallagher Nights.  We get three stories about three Irish-American siblings who own a pub.  Overall, I found them all to be cute stories with hot sex.  Some dragged a little more than others for me.

One Night Stand

In One Night Stand we meet the eldest O’Gallagher, Conor.  He’s a bit of a manwhore, a playboy but he’s got a heart of gold underneath that reputation.  Mia Hampton is his sister’s ex-best friend and she comes to the bar with a purpose.  She’s sweet and shy.  This was probably my favorite of the three stories.  It was fast-paced without seeming rushed and I didn’t feel that it skimped too much on the depth despite being a novella.  I liked that it wasn’t insta-love like a lot of novellas are.  And I found the characters to be decently developed.

About Last Night

So from my favorite to my least favorite, I didn’t like middle sibling Rory’s story as much as I liked Conor’s.  This is the one that dragged the most for me.  Rory is cocky, arrogant and like his older brother, a bit of a manwhore.  He rubbed me the wrong way and I had a hard time connecting with him.  Emily is independent and determined.  She hates Rory with a passion.  I usually love enemies to lovers stories but this one seemed to resolve too easily for me, probably because it’s a novella.  Plus it was on the insta-love side which isn’t always my favorite to begin with.

All Night Long

Brenna’s been keeping a secret from her brothers; actually she keeps a lot of secrets.  But right now the biggest is that she’s in a long term relationship with bartender Greyson Stone.  Brenna is a bit broken, feisty, and determined.  Stone is understanding, patient and also determined.  I like that we see their relationship evolve with flashbacks over the years.  This book didn’t drag as much as About Last Night but I still struggled while reading it.  But I definitely have a crush on Stone.  He’s a book boyfriend worth keeping.

All three stories are quick and easy reads with both heat and sweet.  If you’re in the need of something quick to read with low drama, this would be up your alley.  -Peace and Love, Buxom J




ONE NIGHT STAND (O'Gallagher Nights #1)

Conor O’Gallagher. Thirty-two, six-foot, and all muscle. Flashes of dimples behind his black beard, quick winks for the lady patrons, and a tattoo sleeve that leaves the ladies begging to be his nightly conquest. Because one of them will be. Every night at close, Conor brings one, two, sometimes more, up to his apartment and has his merry way with them. The women always leave satisfied, and always know he’s a one and done kind of guy, no repeat performances. But what happens when one of his one night stands comes back into his life five months later, and pregnant no less? What happens when one night gives you more than you bargained for? Conor’s about to find out…



ABOUT LAST NIGHT (O'Gallagher Nights #2)

Synopsis: Rory O'Gallagher. Thirty, five-ten, and long, lean muscle. The middle O'Gallagher is as known for his prowess in the bedroom as the oldest is, and for so much more. Women have always been attracted to him. People have always flocked to him. But then there was Emily Winters. With her white blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and cold demeanor toward him, Rory shouldn't want anything to do with her. But so help him, he does.



ALL NIGHT LONG (O'Gallagher Nights #3)

Synopsis: Brenna O'Gallagher. The baby sister of those sexy O'Gallagher boys has her own story to tell. Her brothers think she's something she's not... but the truth is, most of the rumors had always been true. At twenty, she decided she needed a change. Then her brothers hired him. He makes her feel like she's spiraling backward, but is she really? Has she found the one person she can confide in, the one person who will not judge her? And just how long can she keep it from her brothers before the repercussions settle in and she not only loses him, but the respect of her brothers? Her road hasn't been easy--and it's not about to start smoothing out now.




Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O'Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.




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