Sunday, January 29, 2017

Author Spotlight: Montana Ash


Max’s arrival into Cali’s world has sparked both hope and controversy for their society as a whole. Change is inevitable. For Cali, Max’s unexpected appearance is a blessing, as she is finally free to be herself; a knight, a woman … a lover. Her easy-going, slightly cynical fa├žade hides a scarred woman who yearns to be accepted. But when Cali meets a sexy, intriguing stranger for a single night of passion, she never could have predicted the consequences. For her mysterious stranger hides a dark secret and could be the key to solving one of society’s most shameful mysteries. 

Once one of the most noble and famous members of warden society, Dex’s fall from grace decades ago has left its mark on the once proud warrior. Years of torture and self-imposed exile have left him with no friends, no family, and a menacing predator haunting his every step. One night of spontaneous desire with the woman of his dreams leads to his possible redemption … but also to his possible death. Will old loyalties and new hopes be enough to save him? Or is his soul lost forever?

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“No. You have perfect timing, as always.” Cali assured her friend. And it was true. Pretty much everything about Diana was perfect from her gorgeous face to her sexy body to her personality. If Cali didn’t love her like a sister she probably would have shaved her head in her sleep before now.
            Diana hesitated for a moment more before taking her at her word and moving forward to settle herself on the other side of Max. “Anything I can help with?” She asked, obviously picking up on the remnants of tension in the room.
            “Yes.” Max replied. “We’re going to go kill Stefan.”
            Diana’s flawlessly shaped eyebrows rose sharply. “Are we just? Awesome! I’ve been wanting a shot at that man’s scrotum for years now. I figure it would sit perfectly in the palm of my hand for all of one second before I ripped it from his body in a bloody but oh so satisfying display of justice.”
            Cali merely rolled her eyes as she watched Max silently raise her palm for a high five and for Diana to deliver. They were a blood-thirsty, crass bunch of women. Was it any wonder she adored them? “We’re not killing Stefan.” Cali asserted.
            “We are.” Max’s reply was short and to the point.
            “Not.” Cali added.
            Max’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Fine. We’ll just maim him. A person doesn’t need a nut sack to live. See, I can compromise.” She ended smiling winningly.

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