Sunday, January 29, 2017

Author Spotlight: Montana Ash


Honour. Duty. Loyalty. Control. These are the principles Darius lives by – almost to the point of obsession. They had forged him into a noble knight but had also cost him the woman of his dreams and wrought a non-relenting hatred for his personal nemeses; the chades.

When a tiny, redheaded, whirlwind of trouble descends upon him and his fellow knights in a flurry of questions and impossibilities, Darius finds himself struggling to reconcile his past values with his future desires.

For Diana, the arrival of Max brings with it a portent; revolution. As a paladin of death, acceptance is at her core. So embracing the sarcastic powerhouse as her sworn liege is easy. But embracing a certain air paladin who is a pathological rule-follower? Well, that isn’t so easy, despite the attraction they have shared for centuries.

With Darius confronted by his demons and a bitter Warden bent on exacting revenge, will the two knights ever reach their happily ever after?



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‘Diana wasn’t sure what the tiny evil female had said to the man but Darius was now staring at her with hungry eyes and she found herself instantly hypnotised by the raw desire burning in their depths. Standing up and marching purposefully from the room, she felt helpless against his magnetic pull and followed him outside, careless of what anyone might think of their abrupt departure. The second she exited the building, she found herself pushed up against the rough brick as a wicked mouth laid siege to hers. A hard thigh pressed hers open as two large hands encouraged her to move freely. Darius broke the kiss, panting roughly and leaned down, burying his face in her hair.
“I love this hair; you know that right?”
            Oh yes. She knew that.
            “Do you know what I dream of every night? What I’ve dreamed of every night for the last eight hundred years?” His voice was low and raspy as he twined the inky coils around and around his fingers. He gave a small tug. Oh, apparently she was supposed to answer.’

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